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We live in a modern society, therefore, the only way to reconstruct an accurate historical relic has to feel it from the ancient books or mural. 

It’s an extremely interesting and meaningful work for us to rebuild different symbolic bows of various dynasties in long river of Chinese history. Anyway, for bowyer enthusiasts,it’s a hard programme but also a pleasure. As the most powerful cold weapon, the internal design structure of bow must be complex. Picking materials, production processes, storage processing, all of them are demanding and exquisite. It symbolizes the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancestors. The ancient feat and material have been gone with long time duration. Therefore it’s totally painful to reconstruct an ancient bow. However thanks to excellent modern craftsmanship and materials, we can make the remarkable traditional bow by figuring out the different features in kinds of dynasties.

To conclude, the bows of different periods have their own features and essences. However the only confirmable point is that they are all the symbols of Chinese bow, they are all the precious babies from Yuwentuo Archery Studio.  


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