Story of Yuwen

Who is Yuwentuo? 

My family name is Yuwen and my first name is Tuo. I am a traditional bow enthusiast. During my studying in South Korea I attended a traditional bow training course manufacturing bows using both natural and modern materials. I quickly realised that there was a need here in China to bring our bowyers and enthusiasts together. With this in mind I founded the traditional bow forum China Joint Archery Association ( 

My decision was made, I started to acquire the equipment that I would need to fulfil my dream of becoming a recognised bowyer. I located a place in the suburbs where I could install the machinery and equipment to commence making bows and start my business. Having been trained in South Korea by world class bowyers and where archery forms a significant part of daily life, I found the attention to detail and quality is foremost in bow construction and it's use by the archers. This taught me a very valuable lesson that I and my team follow daily.

"Our customers deserve the best in Design, Quality and Service, there are no shortcuts" 

I and my team now produce a number of traditional bows based on designs and actual bows that have been discovered in tombs and archeological sites from centuries past.  This is our passion that we want to share with you the traditional bow enthusiasts.


This web site will introduce the various bows to you, I hope you enjoy what you see and find one to suit your needs.  I and my team of dedicated traditional enthusiasts are here to advise and help you with any queries you may have.


Ping Yuan Road 55,
Shangqiu, Henan, China


+86 15503873126


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